Our Team

Javier Altamirano

Co-Owner & General Manager

Javier’s journey started as a college student at Oklahoma State University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. While attending school, he developed a deep passion for learning, solving problems, and thinking creativly. This would eventually lead him into the path of web development and the idea for Eclptc. However, his journey didn’t start there. After finishing his undergraduate studies, he began his professional career as an engineer in the oil and gas industry. As markets in the industry began to struggle, Javier recognized it was a valuable time to develop new skills. During this period he began to teach himself various coding languages starting with Python then eventually venturing into HTML, CSS, and Javascript. This movement of learning evolved into a passion for web development. He now enjoys applying the skills he developed to help clients solve problems to improve their growth as an organization or even as individuals.

Andre Dowuona-Hammond

Co-Owner & UX/UI Designer

Andre is an Oklahoma State University alumni and former athlete, with a degree in Health Education and Promotion. After joining the health industry, with an eye on being a physical therapist, he decided that it was not an industry he had a true passion for. What he does have a passion for is helping people. Design has allowed him the ability to fulfill that passion by helping clients come up with creative ways to help their business and their brand reach its potential. His experience has taught him how to communicate and understand clients of all walks of life in order to get results that benefit all parties.

Rachel Morse

Co-Owner & Account Manager

Rachel graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma in 2018 with a degree in Strategic Communications. After graduating, she immediately joined the digital marketing and web industry. Her experience has taught her how to strategically market to various target audiences. She has a passion for web and a heart for service with a diverse background in IT support, WordPress, analytics, content creation, social media advertising, web creation and design. Rachel has experience working with various industries and is always eager to learn or research. She not only loves helping her clients grow, she also enjoys teaching them how to apply these methods later on.

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